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Digital Signage Solutions

Send the right message by using digital signage over paper and posters to communicate to employees, students, and visitors.

Digital Signage Template Example

Create Content

Look like a design pro in just minutes.

Easily create messages using templates to maintain company branding, or use your existing marketing materials. Add formatted text along with images, video, and sound from various media formats and apply built-in effects and transitions. Alpha Video offers enhanced template packages that integrate live news feeds, weather, social media, and more.

Schedule Message for digital signage

Manage Your Messages

Create playlists and schedule messages

Plan and manage your content using simple playlists. Organize your content according to file type, categories, and metadata. Create dynamic playlists using scripts, messages, videos, flash or static images. Delegate users to update content using consent-based user roles and network control options, making your network management easier. Centrally manage and deploy your content to hundreds or even thousands of digital displays via any web browser.

Carousel Monitor for digital signage

Play Your Content

Distribute content using your IP network

Play your content on any screen with smooth, reliable, and uninterrupted content playback at various resolutions and orientations. Update content without interruption and monitor the system in real-time. Alpha Video provides a variety of hardware options for playback, including set-top boxes, Smart TVs, and using mobile devices.