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Video Wall Install

Organization: Evine | Location: Eden Prairie, MN
Market: Broadcast | Solutions: Absen

With live TV programming that reaches over 87 million homes in the US, viewers of Evine's broadcasts expect the best. Evine, a digital retailer based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, turned to Alpha Video when it was time to install a brand new LED video wall that would be used for background imaging and an interactive foreground element.


Evine needed a system that would be compatible with their on-air look and feel. Several vendors were considered when looking at on-camera and studio lighting compatibility. In addition, Evine wanted a video wall that could be split into three sections and operated independently as well as operated as one large wall.


After testing and considering several options, the Absen N2 LED slim display with 2.4 mm pixel pitch was chosen. Not only did it look the best on camera, Absen's displays have a robust latching mechanism that will allow for joining the three sections or breaking them apart as needed.


"The new LED [video] wall system will provide Evine with the ability to add dynamic background set pieces with minimal effort, said Bill Greep, Director of Broadcast Technology at Evine. "Static or moving background elements can be added with the ease of connecting server channels, media players, graphics channels, [and more]."

Greep added, "I would definitely recommend Alpha to other companies looking for a knowledgeable partner with solid connections."

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