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Professional Systems Network International

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Alpha Video is a proud member of PSNI. Founded in 1986, Professional Systems Network International (PSNI) is the leading network of independent audiovisual and broadcast communications systems integrators. We are passionate about serving each other, our clients, and the industry nationwide by designing, building, installing, and servicing AV and broadcast systems. As a part of PSNI, members take advantage of access to forward-thinking education, resources, collaboration and support to benefit our clients and grow our businesses. We support each other, provide resources across the Network and raise the integrity of the industry through our actions.

Our Beliefs

We believe we are stronger as a group than as individual companies. We believe in the intellectual capital of the Network, and that the support we offer our partners raises our commitment to the high standards of the industry and the experience of our clients. Each PSNI member is carefully selected and peer-reviewed annually to ensure commitment to our values. These beliefs are the foundation of our Network, our businesses and our industry.

The Value of PSNI

Our clients include both small business and global enterprises that seek and recognize the exceptional value of a PSNI integrator. Our clients appreciate the standards, solutions and support that PSNI affiliates adhere to and believe in. These standards benefit the client, elevate the industry and directly advance our professional community.

Clients benefit from working with a local PSNI integrator with whom they can develop trust and confidence to support their AV/IT/Broadcast integration needs. PSNI affiliates have the capabilities to provide that same service throughout North America with a process that is transparent and effective.

National project management and deployment

PSNI is a one-of-a-kind solution network comprised of a select group of award-winning independently owned companies throughout North America. Collectively, the companies of PSNI generate in excess of $650 million in annual revenue from locations throughout North America and supported by over 1900 employees nationwide. Approximately 50% of our consolidated staff is skilled in designing, fabricating, integrating, programming, servicing and repairing A/V and broadcast components and systems.

Network advantages

The PSNI affiliate network meets the requirements best suited to support the client’s multi-site, multi-city, and multi-country needs through PSNI’s Enhanced Service Network (ESNet), including:

  • Single-source national coordination, deployment, and project management of pre- and on-site fabricated systems
  • Embedded personnel, crisis and preventative services.
  • Established partnerships with enablers, architects, consultants, specialty designers, and contract support
  • Consistent wiring, design, products and software programming at each location
  • On-site staff professionalism for seamless integration and future service/support needs at each location
  • Priority integration and timeline/ deadline management to meet client requirements.

*Not all services and skills are resident in all offices throughout North America.

Industry certification and best practices

Building trust means setting high standards for excellence and consistently achieving them. Our network stakeholders are required to meet and maintain the ultimate industry certifications as defined by the PSNI Board of Directors in order to be included in the PSNI circle of trust. Once there, affiliates and partners commit to uphold the highest integrity in how they operate in the industry.

In addition, PSNI affiliate personnel meet throughout the year to collaborate on strategic issues including industry best practices for national or international engagement projects.

Affiliates are licensed (as required) in the states in which they do business to provide integrated solutions as well as are certified in most of the technology products that are offered by each affiliate.

Affiliates’ clients are frequently surveyed by an independent research firm to assure that client expectations are met or exceeded at all points of the integration and service process. Client feedback is used to assess and improve industry best practices.