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Digital Signage & IPTV Solutions for Casinos

Share all the excitement your casino has to offer with the next generation of digital signage and IPTV solutions that provide captivating content and engaging guest information.

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Digital Signage + IPTV

Jackpot Video Wall for Casino Digital Signage

Critical Casino Applications

Floor-wide Celebrations & Contests

Sportsbook digital signage for Casinos


Expansion or new build projects

Alpha Video can help casinos take advantage of the recent expansion in sports betting by offering NextGen IPTV integration for sportsbook displays and seamless LED video walls. Alpha Video is excited to partner with leading streaming technology providers that offer live streaming of games and events to mobile devices. With mobile streaming, you can take your guest engagement to the next level by offering daily fantasy bets and even local game feeds right to your guest’s phone or mobile device.

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Interactive Kiosks

Touchscreen game & property wayfinding

No casino digital signage solution is complete without touchscreen wayfinding. Alpha Video has deployed hundreds of interactive kiosks in casinos all over the world that helps casino guests find their favorite games and amenities.