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Remote Production Networks Using NDI & SRT

Even before Covid-19, corporate, government, and education production departments were faced with the challenge of having enough staff and equipment to record live multi-camera meetings and events in multiple locations. The need for multiple control rooms for studios, auditoriums, meeting rooms, classrooms, and sports venues around the office, campus, or country would strain the production resources in any organization. In some cases, production vans and flypacks serving as mobile control rooms were an option, but they are also subject to additional procurement and budget restraints.

The New Wave of Connected Cameras Using SRT

Imagine the flexibility of taking a video camera, connecting it to your local Wi-Fi network, and then instantly live stream high-quality, low latency video to desktops, laptops, and mobile devices worldwide with no additional gear needed. For many producers and video operators doing live events at their office, campus, sports facility, or house of worship, this is a dream come true.

Why You Need a Virtualized Workflow for your Corporate Productions

In the last few years, the benefits of NDI workflows have started to make an impression on corporate production teams. By integrating NDI systems and a CAT-6 network topology, the transition to NDI has helped companies reduce the amount of HD-SDI cable runs between their control rooms and auditoriums as well as allow them to easily route video and audio signals to and from any studio and control room.


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