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Helping Clients See the ROI of their Digital Signage Efforts

Helping Clients See the ROI of their Digital Signage Efforts

We see digital signage everywhere and already know it is growing more popular as a way to showcase products and drive traffic to businesses, but it isn't always easy to show our clients it improves their bottom line. Being able to help clients with their digital signage equipment needs to help them measure the ROI of their digital signage efforts and will ensure they are satisfied—and creating satisfied customers is one surefire way to encourage repeat business. So, the question is, how can we help our customers see the ROI of their digital signage efforts?

Defining ROI

Figuring out what type of ROI the client is looking for is the first step. A digital sign isn't one size fits all. When you know what the customer's expectations are, you will be able to discuss how (and what type of) digital signage will add to their existing marketing plan and enhance their current business practices, while helping their bottom line. What you need to remember is that the bottom line can be monetary, measured in growth, and uptick in traffic or a combination of all of these.

Setting Goals

After your clients know what they want to achieve with the digital sign, it is time for them to set goals. As the AV Integrator, you must keep your client's expectations realistic. For instance, if they are introducing a new product, they can't expect to have 100% growth in sales from a digital sign, but we do know that digital signs increase impulse buys, increase sales, and motivate customers to take action. Helping your client to set realistic goals that are in line with the growth of the company, will help them see their ROI sooner.

Measuring Engagement

Educate your clients on the importance of engagement. If a sign has a call to action on it, ROI is easier to measure. Customers like to participate, and they respond when they are asked to visit for a discount, mention a code, or like a Facebook page.

Remind your client that the engagement isn't just about the customer, but their employees as well. When a client is looking at their engagement plans in digital signage, they will often find other areas in their business where there is room for improvement. Improving engagement across their organization will definitely help increase their bottom line.

Remember, when you are setting up the engagement, use various types to see what customers respond to most. Using coupons, links to URL's, and hashtags on social media are just a few ideas you can mention to clients to get their creative juices flowing.

Analyzing the Data

It is impossible to measure ROI without analyzing data. Data helps you to see the results of your efforts in a real and measurable way. It is able to tell your clients where they need to improve, where there were or need to be cost savings, and how well known their brand is.

When you are looking at engagement, analyze how many people used the QR Code you implemented over how many days and how many sales were made with a discount code.

If your company implemented a social media campaign, look at whether a hashtag trended and how many likes did you receive on the page. You can also track interactions, comments and shares. Depending on what you are measuring, there are several other options for data collection as well.

One of the most important things to impart to your client when discussing the benefits of Digital signage is that ROI can be measured in many ways depending on their goals and that it is all one big experiment to see what works best. Make sure that they understand their options, provide examples of campaigns and digital signage uses that worked, and let them know that you are always available to help them with their digital signage needs.