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Alpha Video at G2E 2018

There's Something New to See at G2E

Alpha Video will demonstrate its next-generation solutions for sharing all the excitement a casino has to offer in booth #2726 at the G2E 2018 show, Oct. 9-11, at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. With over 45 years of audiovisual experience and 20 years of developing and deploying their award-winning CastNET digital signage solution, Alpha Video has become the leading resource for integrating video and audio technologies that drive casino guest engagement. Alpha Video is taking CastNET and IPTV a generation forward by offering a new suite of best-in-class casino solutions.

  • Stream live TV, on-demand video, and digital signage using an IP network.
  • Distribute content to any endpoint including Smart TVs and mobile devices.
  • Show progressive odometers, jackpot celebrations, and live contests.
  • Add displays and seamless LED video walls for Sportsbooks.
  • Offer interactive touchscreen wayfinding using kiosks or mobile devices.

The NextGen Casino

The Alpha Video NextGen digital media solution features an enterprise-class IPTV system that streams both live and on-demand video channels using a casino’s existing IP network. Channels and content are easily changed on any casino display by using a webpage, tablet, or iPad®. Casino staff simply touch a display they want to change and select from a playlist of digital signage messages or live TV channels.

Alpha Video’s powerful IPTV server solution manages all the channel content using a web browser. Multiple streams of live TV channels and digital signage messages can be distributed to any endpoint including screens that have built-in PCs, set-top boxes, or any mobile device. Alpha Video’s NextGen solutions will even show live TV channels at the same time it shows digital signage messages on the side and bottom of the screen.

Critical Casino Applications

Alpha Video’s NextGen solution includes essential software options developed by Alpha Video that encourage your guests to stay and play longer. The Celebration Module allows the display of progressive odometers and triggers floor-wide jackpot celebrations when a guest wins a jackpot. It supports nearly all of the major slot manufacturers systems and progressive controllers. The Winners Module displays live contests with countdowns that feature the winners’ names and the amount they won. There’s even an option that tracks how many visitors watch each screen and provides reporting on how long they viewed the content.


Alpha Video can also help casinos take advantage of the recent expansion in sports betting by offering NextGen IPTV solutions and integration for sportsbook displays and seamless LED video walls.

Touchscreen Wayfinding

No casino digital signage solution is complete without touchscreen wayfinding. Alpha Video has deployed hundreds of interactive kiosks in casinos all over the world that helps casino guests find their favorite games and amenities. G2E attendees are encouraged to stop by the booth for an interactive demo on wayfinding and all the NextGen digital signage and IPTV solutions Alpha Video offers.