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Manage Your Unmanageable Digital Media

Do you need help managing the heaps of data you and your production team create for your organization? Asset Management software allows users to manage when and where their data is stored to optimize storage space and reduce storage costs. But what about your unmanaged assets? Recent Asset Management software solutions can now automatically identify inactive media files and documents and archive them to protected storage for later retrieval. Auto archiving inactive files frees up your primary storage for your current content without manually managing each file.

Webcast - Skinny MAM for Editing

If you haven’t heard about “Skinny MAM,” you may be interested to learn how just the right amount of Media Asset Management will improve your remote post-production workflow. Whether you are working in your office, remotely connecting from home, or working in the cloud, an efficient MAM solution will improve your editing productivity.

Click the video below to watch our January webcast where we interview Stephen Tallamy, EditShare CTO, and demo best-in-class examples.

Remote Production Networks Using NDI & SRT

Even before Covid-19, corporate, government, and education production departments were faced with the challenge of having enough staff and equipment to record live multi-camera meetings and events in multiple locations. The need for multiple control rooms for studios, auditoriums, meeting rooms, classrooms, and sports venues around the office, campus, or country would strain the production resources in any organization. In some cases, production vans and flypacks serving as mobile control rooms were an option, but they are also subject to additional procurement and budget restraints.

AV Challenges in Hybrid Classrooms

Due to Covid-19, university and college campuses around the country face the challenges of teaching both remote students and in-class students at the same time. One of the biggest challenges is reconfiguring classroom audiovisual systems to offer synchronous instruction. Several issues arise in this teaching environment. Do any of these sound familiar?


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