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The three most important things for a successful project integration are planning, more planning, and knowing how to plan.

  • We think rack cabling is a little of both
  • Eaglebrook Frame Synch
  • Eagle Brook AV Integration RTR
  • Router

We've Got a Thing About Planning

It's true, knowing how to plan a plan is critical to any video or audio integration project. That's why we assign an experienced project manager to work with you on logistics, coordinating schedules, and making sure that everyone knows the next steps. We call it the Alpha Advantage process.

As part of the Alpha Advantage process, we provide our customers with an online portal where they can review the project schedule and project status in real time. This includes a project dashboard with key project metrics all in one place.

Once the on-site installation begins, our team of experienced technicians work to implement the design and project plan. Their impressive certifications may sound like alphabet soup, but keeping up certifications is what it takes to develop best practices and ensure that equipment is installed correctly the first time.

The Alpha Advantage

Our Alpha Advantage process includes:

  • Ongoing design reviews: As requirements change, we're able to make an audible.
  • Advanced planning: It's all about the Gantt charts.
  • Quality installation: We believe the back of a rack is a work of art.
  • Utilizing industry best practices: After 45 successful years in the industry, you pick up some good habits.

When possible, our projects are staged and pre-configured at Alpha Video's integration facility. This allows us to make the proper equipment adjustments and do the initial system testing before being integrated on-site.

Our Project Process

Kickoff: Project Managers are assigned as a single point of contact for client coordination and communication. Client meetings are called to confirm deliverables, process, and timelines.

  • Confirm scope and sign off on Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Conduct kickoff meeting and stakeholder introductions.
  • Create and agree to a project schedule.
  • Review technical requirements and place product orders.

Staging: Project installation dates are proposed and approved. Outside factors are assessed for their potential to delay the installation. Equipment shipping and labor time are coordinated for maximum productivity.

  • Build and ship product per project specifications.
  • Complete creative deliverables.
  • Discuss on-site install plan.

Installation: When possible, equipment is staged and pre-configured at Alpha Video in one of our eight integration bays. Primary rack installation and cabling is completed before doing on-site integration.

  • Review onsite installation plan.
  • Complete installation and testing.
  • Introduce users to Alpha Assurance Support Services.

Commissioning: System diagnostics are performed followed by client commissioning of project. Service and warranty agreements are reviewed.

  • System orientation & training.
  • Completion of any open items.
  • On-site system commissioning.

Close: Final documents are prepared and final walk-through is performed.

  • Update project documentation if necessary.
  • Transfer customer and project knowledge to Support.
  • Conduct lessons learned / continuous improvement meeting.
  • Confirm project completion and sign-off on acceptance.