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Tech Expo Seminars

Tentative Seminars - November 2, 2017

Seminars are subject to change. Please check back closer to the event date for more details.

9:00am - 9:30am

The Big Wireless Picture - Courtyard 1 & 2

The future is wireless, especially for high-quality camera recording in sports, news, education, worship, and entertainment. This seminar will review the different wireless technologies and highlight various unique applications. Presented by Wave Central.

Successful Digital Signage - Courtyard 3 & 4

We will have a panel discussion on why digital signage systems fail, how to plan for a successful deployment, and why you should spend more time developing the most important part, the actual content! Presented by Alpha Video, Tightrope & Scala.

The Future of 4k Production - Courtyard 5 & 6

Learn where 4K is at today and how 4K production workflows will impact control room infrastructure. 4K is here to stay so start making plans. Presented by Grass Valley.

10:00am - 10:30am

Shared Editing Workflows - Courtyard 1 & 2

See examples of networked shared storage workflows for sports, broadcast, government, and education that include file ingest, acquisition, archiving, and remote access file delivery and automation. Presented by EditShare.

The Integrated Conference Room - Courtyard 3 & 4

A truly integrated conference room is one that includes room scheduling, collaboration, video capture, live streaming, and video over IP distribution. This seminar provides examples of best-in-class solutions that bring all of these features together. Presented by BTX.

Managing IP flows in Live Production - Courtyard 5 & 6

Live IP production offers big benefits in terms of operations and flexibility. However, the transition to IP could be a challenge if you’re not prepared to control the workflow or don’t have an upgrade plan in place. Learn what you need to prepare. Presented by EVS.

1:00pm - 1:30pm

Wireless Mics in an Ever-Shrinking Spectrum - Courtyard 1 & 2

The FCC Incentive Auction of 600 MHz Band spectrum has concluded, and the coming months will bring significant change to usable frequencies for wireless microphones. Shure experts will discuss what wireless users need to know about available spectrum and transition deadlines, as well as new microphone technology. Presented by Shure.

Collaboration - What is It? - Courtyard 3 & 4

Learn the real meaning of AV collaboration and how it benefits education, corporate, and government classroom and meeting spaces. We will discuss the difference between traditional spaces with collaboration compared to active learning spaces with collaboration. Presented by Kramer

Designing a Media Wall - Courtyard 5 & 6

An overview of industry best practices and the steps required to design and deploy a media wall in a corporate, academic, or entertainment environment. Presented by Planar.

2:00pm - 2:30pm

Producing & Delivering HDR, IP & 4K - Courtyard 1 & 2

Learn what HDR is all about and the quickest path to implementation and optimization along with IP standards and 4K streaming for live and post production. Presented by AJA.

Discussion vs. Conferencing Systems - Courtyard 3 & 4

Learn the differences between discussion systems that provide a portable, plug-and-play sound system for meeting rooms versus a conference system that allows for polling and voting that’s better suited for council chambers and board rooms. Presented by Bosch.

Tech Furniture for AV - Courtyard 5 & 6

Technology designed into furniture, walls, and ceilings is a must today. Learn how to properly hide gear and why furniture is specifically designed to allow technology to be properly integrated into these spaces. Presented by Middle Atlantic.

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