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Visual Solutions for Education

Best-in-class visual solutions for sharing information and sparking imaginations.

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  • Auditorium presentation
  • Auditorium Control Systems
  • School Board Room Presentation

Enhancing the Education Experience

K-12 schools and Higher Education campuses around the country are transforming the way their staff and students communicate. BYOD and flipped classroom learning are quickly becoming the norm. By integrating wireless collaboration and interactive presentation solutions, schools are able to better connect students to curriculum while making it easier for staff to do more in less time.

Alpha Video offers a number of key solutions to consider as part of any new build referendum or facility upgrade. As one example, we are able to deploy district-wide and campus-wide IPTV systems that allow staff to easily provide live video and VOD content to any classroom, lecture hall, or dorm room using projector screens, displays, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. It's another example of how Alpha Video connects the dots between best-in-class solutions from different markets.

Video Case Study - Macalester College Classrooms & Lab Presentation Upgrade