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AV Integration for Business Communications

Integrating new audiovisual systems can be a big investment for any organization. Besides the cost of hardware, software, and installation, there’s the time it takes for training and troubleshooting. That’s why Alpha Video specializes in designing and integrating AV solutions that will have an immediate impact on employee productivity and a proven return on investment for your business.

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A New Way of Thinking About AV for Business

We begin our process by understanding your employees' day-to-day workflow and the challenges they may have using audiovisual technology. We then recommend and demonstrate best-in-class technologies that address any employee issues and provides a clear ROI for your business. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You're trying to save travel costs by using web conferencing, but meetings have poor video/audio quality.
  • Employees are not able to share screen content during a meeting without swapping cables.
  • Your room control system is too complicated for the CEO to change screen inputs or adjust audio levels.
  • It's been a challenge to communicate with employees who don't always have access to company email.
  • Web streaming company meetings sounds easy, but remote staff always complain of connectivity issues.

We design systems that make using AV systems more productive, engaging, and easier to use for your employees. We’ve learned that the best solution is not always a turnkey product from one manufacturer. It’s usually a combination of best-in-class products that provides the best value and most flexible workflow.

AV Tech with Best Business ROI

We've identified a few top AV technologies that will have the biggest impact on your business communications.

IP-based signal distribution and device control provides substantial advantages over legacy audiovisual systems. AV over IP reduces equipment costs by using existing infrastructure while offering flexibility and redundancy. A single Cat5e/6 cable can carry dozens of video, audio, and control signal paths. In addition, your AV systems cost-effectively scale as your needs grow.
Huddle rooms are critically important for increasing staff productivity. These small group spaces provide displays, microphones, cameras, and room control to support web-based video conferencing and web streaming. The key to an effective huddle room is to increase video and audio quality. Don’t settle for consumer-based video or audio products that may leave a negative impression.
There is little question that streaming a live meeting to employees across the country reduces travel costs and increases staff engagement. Successful adoption, however, depends on quality and ease-of-use. Effective web streaming requires an adaptive and flexible way for every remote employee, no matter their bandwidth and browser, to view high quality live or VOD content.