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Integration for Broadcast Production

Integrating live production systems is our primary superpower. (To put it more modestly, it's our core competency.)

  • Multi View Displays in an HD Control Room
  • Live Camera Production
  • Robotic cameras for news broadcast
  • Master Control for news broadcast
  • Post Production Suite
  • News Broadcast Set Display
  • Shared digital storage room
  • Rack Cabling

We Fix Breaking News

Are your newscasts or live productions meeting expectations? (That's code for do they suffer from inferior production quality or long story-to-air lead times.) If so, it may be time to consider a system upgrade or adding a unique broadcast technology to the mix.

After 20 years in the broadcast industry, Alpha Video has a deep understanding and appreciation of the demanding workflow and mission critical products required to produce a market-leading live production or newscast. This experience allows us to design and integrate systems that increase production values as well as improve staff efficiency. Just as important, we also know how to transition your old gear to new gear without missing a beat. (Or cutting to black!)